May Art Wallpaper Downloads for your Phone & Desktop

This month I wanted to share some of my favorite close up's from a painting that is near and dear to my heart. The original is a mixed media painting and it has such a great energy and movement, that I can't help but feel excited and refreshed each time I see it (the original is still available so I'm luck to look at it often! )

To me the energy in this piece is contagious and my hope with this download is that it brings a sense of excitement and adventure that you get to bring with you wherever you go.

So thank you so much again for being a part of my journey and for all of you who have shared how much you love these downloads each month, it really means the world to me!

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"Pirouette." An original abstract painting by Kendra Castillo - view more work at


view the original painting that inspired this Download.