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Kendra Castillo. A abstract an impressionistic landscape artist who works in acrylic an mixed media. learn more:

If I could tell you a few things they would have to be…

+ I usually always have coffee near by.

+ Having art become my career was something I never dreamed possible.

+ Creating artwork for people is seriously the most incredible gift and I never get tired of it!

+ I live in a small apartment and my studio is a little nook in our living room, but I still love painting large canvases even if they do take up most of our home!

A few questions I get asked…

Q: Why do you paint Abstract Art?

A: It kind of just found its way to me. I’ve always seen life a little differently and even when I tried many different styles of artwork, Abstract art always felt like home. I see the world around me a little blurred and a little zoomed in. Like if you were to squint your eyes while watching the sunrise. I see the colors of those landscapes as unique shapes and color combinations that then translate onto canvas.

Q: What is the favorite place you have traveled to?

A: I got the opportunity to travel to many different countries after high school and spend many different months immersed in different cultures. My favorite place that I wish I could go back to would have to be India. The people and culture were so very different and so beautiful. It will forever have a piece of my heart!

Q: Did you go to art school?

A: Nope, I never went to art school, but I did get my education in interior design! I still take on clients and small design projects which is so much fun!

Q: How does your degree in interior design help your artwork?

A: I think it helps me think beyond a single painting that I create. When I work with my clients I am able to envision the space and how the painting will bring balance and help complete the entire vision for a room or building. Fun fact. I received my degree in Interior Design from Montana State University!

Kendra Castillo. A abstract an impressionistic landscape artist who works in acrylic an mixed media. learn more:

 Art allows you to pause & to soak up all that life as to offer. It’s a sweet relief & quiet counselor. It allows us to understand things that we may never have given a chance to rise to the surface.

A painting can strengthen life, bring with it courage. But sweetest of all it can carry a peace that let’s us just breathe in deep and be just as we are. 



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