Simple Tips: To Conquer the Holidays for You & Your Business

How to successfully get through the holidays both personally & professionally

The Holidays are upon us which means as a small business owner a mountain of tasks & to-do lists piling up. There might be a million deadlines you are trying to meet and at the same time your phone keeps alerting you about all the things you are forgetting to do.

You might feel like you are drowning in questions of what to do and where to start, but don't worry we have all been there. At least I know I have & I want to tell you something,  there's a better way!

3 Tips for success for you and your business



When I started to get serious about my blog & business I felt like there were times when I felt like I was running around in circles not knowing which way was up. I was questioning constantly if that choice was a good choice or if I was simply wasting hours upon hours doing something that wasn't going to benefit me in the long run. I felt like I was always distracted. I was on my phone way more than I wanted to be and I felt like my business was controlling me, not me running my business.

I remember it clearly, the moment where I knew I couldn't keep it up. I knew there had to be a better way, a way that brought joy and peace to my personal and professional life.


It started slowly but those minor changes in my daily routine created space to do the things I wanted to. To spend time with my friends and family without looking at my phone 100 times. It allowed me to go on vacation and stay connected with my community & completing business tasks without touching my computer.

I began implementing a few specific habits into my daily routine. I started introducing automated scheduling systems to allow me to run my business from a distance while spending quality time with my friends and family. I started to say no to things (man was this hard at first), which gave me perspective and allowed me to prioritize what needed my attention and allowed me to let small distracting tasks wait for another time.


Going into this holiday season I knew one thing.  I was going  wasn’t to survive, but to thrive. I knew I had my systems in place and I also knew that I needed to share these things with you!

You are my people, my little family and  If you are feeling even a little bit like I have felt in the past then I know the Simple Tools linked below will help you to have more peace and joy this holiday season and really who can ask for more than that.

I created a little Holiday Guide that shares a few of my Simple Tools that help me stay sane & successful during the holidays!