Simple Modern Painted Easter Eggs

I love that every new holiday brings with it a new reason to get creative. So for Easter I decided to work on some really easy painted easter eggs. All you need is some craft paint and eggs. I'm mean, really it's simple, ok and a paintbrush. 

Simple DIY for Painted Easter Eggs! | Kendra Castillo

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Growing up every holiday was filled with traditions. For Christmas there is a traditional breakfast thats paired with all of us kids wearing the matching pajamas that my Mom gave us the night before (we still do this tradition!). For St. Patricks Day there were green everything. Green pancakes, green juice, green... well you get the idea. 

For Easter when my siblings and I were little we would wake up and from our bed there would be a trail of raisins. My Mom would say that the Easter Bunny had come and left a little trail that we needed to follow. So we would crawl out of bed and follow our individual paths. Now these paths weren't always simple. Sometimes they would twist and mix into each other, they would curve around into other rooms, but if you were dedicated to stick to your trail (and maybe eat some of your Easter droppings haha) you would find your way to your golorious Easter basket! 

Modern Easter Eggs | KendraCastillo
Hand painted EASY Easter Eggs

Looking back I am completely impressed by my parents dedication to this tradition. Can you imagine the night before laying out rabbit trails all around the house! I don't know if I would have that kind of motivation, but I'm sure glad my parents did. It has made for some great memories that I will never forget.

Another part Easter is the classic egg decorating and now I have nothing against the traditional dye method, this year I wanted to try something different. Something that would feel a little more like decorations that I would want to use in my home for a while. 

So what better way to do that then with a classic Modern Egg painting session. I chose to go for monochromatic eggs, I picked my brown eggs and some black paint. However, you could definitely deviate from this by incorporating 2+ colors. I would however, keep a single color per egg. 

Simple Modern Egg painting for Easter | Kendra Castillo
Painted Easter Eggs | Kendra Castillo


  • Eggs
  • paintbrush (I prefer a square tip because it makes it easier to create straight lines) or a sponge brush would work great too!)
  • Craft Paint
  • Old egg carton for drying (flipped upside down)


Begin by hard boiling your eggs. (My favorite method is to gently place your eggs into a pot, cover with water then bring to a boil. Once your water is boiling, turn off the heat and place a lid on your pot. Leave your pot on the hot burner and set a timer for 12 mins. After your timer goes off, carefully drain your hot water and then stop your eggs from cooking further by rinsing with cool water). After you eggs have been hardboiled allow them to cool.

Next, it's time to start painting! This is the fun part and the key to a modern design is simplicity. I chose to go with some abstract shapes. Pick up your egg, be mindful of where your fingers are placed, because you will be painting the areas that are left uncovered. Try to leave about 50% -60% of your egg unpainted. This will allow a place to set your egg down to try without messing up your hard work. After you finish painting an egg gently place the unpainted portion of your egg onto your upside down egg carton.

Then thats it, your done!

Time to enjoy your Simple Modern painted Easter Eggs! 

Why I chose to participate in the #100DayProject

Choosing to create intentionally for 100 days may seem like climbing Mt Everest and even as I'm typing these words of encouragement I have mini doubts like "what if I forget a day? what if I run out of ideas, what if it's a waste of my time and resources??" The past few days I kept seeing people on instagram talk about how they were committing to create/do something for 100 days and I was like... "nah I'll pass this time," but then I was reading this book ... 

Will you join with me? Why I chose to participate in the #100DayProject.  | Kendra Castillo

If you haven't read Big Magic then you must put it on your reading list. I haven't finished it yet but I keep highlighting like crazy! Anyways, I read this portion and Elizabeth Gilbert says "Your fear will always be triggered by your creativity, because creativity asks you to enter into realms of uncertain outcome." Just like that I knew I needed to participate in this project. 

"Your fear will always be triggered by your creativity, because creativity asks you to enter into realms of uncertain outcome." - Elizabeth Gilbert


There are 3 main reasons why I chose to participate in the #100DayProject: 

1. I don't want to allow my fear to control my creativity. 

For the past few weeks since my last collection release I have been struggling with my artistic voice. For me I have come to recognize this familiar rhythm. I start a large project and pour out my heart into it. I get to explore and find new artistic perspectives. I learn my own creative voice a little better. The process is mostly kept secret, I do share some of it with you, but then at the end I release it all and open it up for you to come and see, to view everything I poured into, hours of sweat, tears and sometimes a little blood if things got out of hand... but then there is this strange moment of calm and exhaustion. 

I'm beginning to realize that sometimes this quiet after a creative push leaves tiny cracks of self-doubt. If I don't begin something new quickly enough, I find myself worried that I have nothing left to give. That my new work may be a disappointment... Needless to say this isn't the route I want to go. So I am saying a big scary YES to this project!!  I want to see what comes, to see what I have yet to explore. New movements, new textures and new stories to tell. 

2. I want to be a better artist.

Maybe this sounds strange, but sometimes in the hustle of life and seeing people compare themselves with each other we forget that everyone starts somewhere. I want to keep bettering myself as an artist and creative. I don't want to forget the importance of practice, practice, practice.

3. I want to be encouraged & be an encourager. 

Now is my favorite part, I want to invite you to do this with me! Last year I did something similar with "create everyday project" and it was so amazing to see people encourage each other and be so supportive along this creative journey. 

Now, before you say "I'm not an artist" or "I have nothing to offer." I would like to politely say that I think you are wrong. The premise of this project is to do ANYTHING for 100 days! You could read a chapter in a book everyday for 100 days or write a sweet note to someone or paint a picture a day (Watch this short video to hear the history & get more details of the project). 

Pinnable image below:

Will you join with me? Why I chose to participate in the #100DayProject.  | Kendra Castillo

Things to know: 

  • My personal 100 day project is to create a painting a day! These will most likely be quick studies, My goal is to spend no more then 30 mins on each painting. 
  • I'm creating a special page just for this project to make it easy to follow along! I'll be posting each new painting here on my website under #100 Day Project! Just click the tab at the top of the page. 
  • I'll be using #KCart100days over on instagram and facebook if you want to follow along there. 
  • If you are going to participate with me I would love to know!! Leave a comment or shoot me an email so I can follow your journey as well! 

Happy 100 days!!