Introducing The 2019 Print Collection. Fine art prints curated with your home in mind

"Reflections" A fine art print from Kendra Castillo's shop. #artprint #interiorart #homestyling #fiddleleaf #landscapepainting #abstractlandscape

When I set out to complete a new series of prints I had one thing in mind … “home.” Home means so many things to so many people, but for me I want you to welcome these new print with a sense of ease and adventure. To me these aren’t just art prints, they are invitations.

Each print is created on the most beautiful matte fine art paper and highlights the textures of the original paintings. With each one you can select form multiple size options to allow you to fill the walls your home with beautiful artwork or maybe select a smaller print to add some color and excitement to that little nook!

 Art allows you to pause & to soak up all that life as to offer. It’s a sweet relief & quiet counselor. It allows us to understand things that we may never have given a chance to rise to the surface.

A painting can strengthen life, bring with it courage. But sweetest of all it can carry a peace that let’s us just breathe in deep and be just as we are.

I love that our homes can be a safe place to express ourselves, to invite other into the things we love and enjoy. We get to welcome people through the front door and say “hey, this is me… come in and just be.”

— Kendra

"Quiet Place," A Fine Art print by Kendra Castillo.  Green pastures, soothing landscape print.

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“I ordered a couple of prints from Kendra, one of for me and one for a gift (which I wanted to keep!) and I couldn't have been happier. The prints were beautiful and also packaged wonderfully which made it a joy to receive.” - Nicola

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