Staying Vulnerable

Staying Vulnerable | Kendra Castillo

When I started blogging many many many years ago I didn't hesitate when it came to sharing my thoughts or being vulnerable with my life publicly, because let's be honest, back then the only people reading my little blog was my mom and sister. 

Now things change, as they naturally do. Social media is constantly evolving and there are mean people ready to say nasty things with a few clicks. I will say that I have been really lucky to avoid most of that nastiness. I have been able to find my people, my tribe. People who support or send you coffee gift cards just because. It may sound crazy that my life has been highly impacted by people I may never meet in person. 

I think one of the main reasons is vulnerability

Staying Vulnerable and honest in a social media driven world. | Kendra Castillo
Staying Vulnerable and honest in a social media driven world. | Kendra Castillo

Every time I hesitated and thought that maybe I shouldn't keep my heart open, or maybe I shouldn't talk about a particulaar struggle publicly... there was a little voice inside of me that kept saying it would be worth it. 

And it was. 

I have had people comment, email and pour out their hearts telling me that something I said encouraged them to chase their dream. That they started a business they were questioning or got healing from some words that I shared. Now I know that this may sound cocky, but I write this because I am so incredibly humbled by the stories I have heard. 

The fact that I get to be a tiny part of someones journey is worth every moment where I wondered if it was worth sharing even more of my heart. Whether it was worth staying vulnerable and open. 

My friends, I want to say a few simple words.

Keep your heart open,

listen to that inner voice that may be telling you to step out of your comfort zone and share a piece of your story. Trust me you may begin finding that there are people out there that just "get" you, people that may become amazing friends & encouragers! 

Now you may be wondering what sort of things to share... 

Share what you feel comfortable with, trust me I don't share every tiny detail of my life. I am actually a pretty private person. So find the areas in your life that could be encouraging or relatable, that can bring positivity or motivation. These are all great places to start, after that just trust your gut and keep on sharing! 

Do you think that this is something that you may put into practice?