Overcoming Self Doubt

Guest Post by Taylor Adams

For the past few months, I’ve been in an exploratory phase of my work as I pushed to expand my vocabulary of mark making and complete a new series of paintings. It’s been a rewarding process, and I’ve found a lot of growth in this season of exploration. But I can also tell you that there were many bumps along this road. 

all images via  Taylor Adams

all images via Taylor Adams

Embarking on a new project is always exciting - the spark of ideas, the possibility of new discoveries.. it’s why many of us choose to create. But it can also be kind of scary. When you’re pushing yourself to grow and step beyond your comfort zones, sometimes the ground can feel a little shaky. 

My inner critic came out strong and ready to fight. My perfectionism made me second guess marks, and second guess myself. My fears started creeping in and self doubt started tapping on my shoulder. 

Am I good enough?

Overcoming Self Doubt as an Artist by Taylor Adams
Overcoming Self Doubt as an Artist by Taylor Adams
Overcoming Self Doubt as an Artist by Taylor Adams

Is this a waste of time and resources? 

Some days felt far more frustrating than rewarding, but then I wondered.. What if I wasn’t creating art? ….What would I do with my hands? My hands were made to create. I can’t go more than a few days without paint smudged across them. I have thoughts and ideas that need to be expressed, a voice that needs to be heard. Like it or not, self doubt is part of the process for any creative, but the important thing to remember is we are doing what we were made to do. 

There’s no easy way around fear. When it comes down to it, I think the best strategy is to just show up. Do the work. Face it head on, and push straight through it. There’s a quote I love that I found to be so true and so important to remember in the creative process, so I will leave you with this:

“There must be a confident resolve in your inner world that time and effort will lead to something beautiful."

More about Taylor:

Taylor Adams is a Florida based artist exploring the world of abstraction with thread and ink in hand. Fueled by a love of the outdoors, she is largely inspired by beauty found in nature. See more of Taylor’s work at tayloradamsart.com and follow along on Instagram/Twitter @tayloradamsart to get a closer look at her process, current work, and daily explorations.