Gift Wrapping made Simple + Printable gift tag download enclosed

GIFT WRAPPING MADE SIMPLE + Printable Gift Tags (click to download your own) | Kendra Castillo

When it comes to gift wrapping I tend to take the more minimal approach. I like the simplicity of some brown paper and twine. So this year I decided to create some Gift Tags that can be easily downloaded and printed at home. It's a simple way to add a little color or personality to a simply wrapped gift. 

Colorful Gift Tags, Printable Download (9 designs) | Kendra
Colorful Gift Tags, Instant Download |

I love starting out with some neutral wrapping paper or plain brown paper. Then I wrap it up with some twine or if you're feeling really fancy some beautiful ribbon. Next I decide on either my Colorful Gift Tags or my Black & White ones. After printing and cutting them out I just tie them on with the twine! If I'm not shipping my package away I love to add a little greenery to the top of each gift. For some reason it makes me feel extra festive and in the holiday spirit! 

Do you have any traditions or favorite ways to gift wrap? 

Black & White Gift Tags, Printable Download (9 designs) | Kendra
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