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Seriously, how does time go so fast. I feel like months are going by in mere seconds and all the things I had planned for this blog are still sitting in my "drafts" folder. In some ways I can accept this shift and realize that I have had to focus on other areas of my business and honestly I won't complain because this space is growing, you are opening up your homes and lives for my artwork and I am beyond humbled and grateful! With that being said I miss this little space. 

From the Studio | Kendra Castillo

I started blogging almost 7+ years ago now (which is insane!!) I laugh at those post I used to write (you can still find them in my Archives) they were so innocent and care free. I would write about anything and everything, my favorite DIY , outfit or Recipe. Honestly it was playful and little did I know that I would prepare my heart to open up and share my life and my passion (art) with you all! 

Anyways, I thought it would be fun to start doing a little "From the Studio" series, where I can share photos and thoughts about anything and everything that has been happening in my home studio. 

So for this little entry I just dive right in.... 

Hand Painted Journal by Kendra Castillo

Lately things have been bustling in the studio. I feel like I have 100 ideas and only two hands to make them happen, which is complicated as I try to balance everything. I would have to say my biggest thing has been the new Hand Painted Journals I have started offering. You guys are amazing and keep me busy with all your orders which makes my heart swell with pride because a few months ago I had this tiny little thought, that if I could do anything as an artist I would love to be able to create art that is accessible to anyone. I totally understand that not everyone can afford to purchase a large scale painting, but what if you could still have artwork surround you everyday? 

Hand Painted Journal by Kendra Castillo
Hand Painted Journal by Kendra Castillo

This idea became such a driving force for me. I wrestled with how it may be a silly idea. How as an artist maybe I needed to be focused on one thing and stick to it. But really, when have I ever done that. I may be a minimalist, but I think I do that in my life so that I can feel free to explore any idea that may pop into my head artistically.

Eventually I settled on one thing that I want to drive my art and my business. This thought that "Everyone deserves to be surrounded by beautiful things." This may sound silly, but to me it is everything. I see so much hurt and suffering in the world and art, beauty and creativity are something to be cherished as a gift. It is a beautiful addition to life that reminds us that there is good in the world, that there are things to be enjoyed. That sometimes we need to slow down and see the beauty that surrounds us. 

So long story short, that is why these Journals are so special to me. They are a product that is given attention and love and then set out into the world to be enjoyed. I can't tell you how excited it makes me to know that there is art being enjoyed on a day to day basis. 

Now, I have a little question for you.... 

If you could bring art with you where ever you went, what sort of product would you like to see? I would love to hear your thoughts as I prepare some new ideas for the future!