Three Guidelines for Seamless Style-Blending | Guest Post

I'm so excited to have my dear friend Heather on the blog today! We met via instagram and she has been such a source of inspiration & encouragement! I know you will love the advice she is sharing today. 

Hi there! I’m Heather, owner and stylist of Mysa Home Styling. I serve homeowners by helping them create functional and cozy spaces that cultivate contentment and joy.

Three Guidelines for Seamless Style-Blending | Guest Post

One of the biggest design dilemmas that I hear from people is that they just don’t know their style! Whether they feel they have no style at all, or are torn between multiple styles, the lack of clarity that people have is crippling when they decorate their home. They find themselves buying decor that doesn’t go with what they already have and end up feeling like their home is a hodge-podge of random items that doesn’t truly reflect them.

So to help solve this problem, I’ve created a 30-page guidebook all about discovering your style and creating a cohesive home. And today I want to share with you a little sneak peek into my new guidebook.

discovering your style and creating a cohesive home - 30 Page Guidebook
Three Guidelines for Seamless Style-Blending
Three Guidelines for Seamless Style-Blending

This snippet comes from a chapter on seamlessly blending styles. Once you've gone through the five steps to discovery and successfully nailed down your style, you might discover that you actually have two or three styles that you gravitate toward (that's definitely me!). And that’s totally fine… as long as you stick to a few simple guidelines. Here are three tips for blending styles throughout your home to keep things cohesive.

Three Guidelines for Seamless Style-Blending

1. Choose a consistent color palette

A consistent color palette is your greatest friend when you're mixing styles. If your room is filled with multiple styles and colors from all over the spectrum, it's bound to feel busy and confused. But if you narrow it down to a few key colors, your style mixing will look purposeful and united.

2. Choose one style to dominate and pepper in one or two pieces of the other style

For the most unified look when blending styles, you should choose one style as your dominant style and then pull in a few things in a contrasting style.

3. Stick to 2–3 styles

To keep things from looking too crazy or flea market-esque, stick to 2–3 styles throughout your home. You still want things to feel cohesive.

Now that you've gotten a sneak peek, perhaps you're wanting more!

  • Do you have trouble describing your unique decorating style?
  • Do you find yourself buying decor that just ends up sitting in a closet?
  • Do you like many different styles and have no idea how to blend them all?

Gain clarity today with my guidebook—"How to Discover Your Style & Create a Cohesive Home." Learn more here.

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