5 Tips to set realistic goals + a FREE download to get you started!

5 Tips to set realistic goals for the new year + a FREE download to get you started!

Goal, Goals, Goals... It's that time of year so I know you are probably sick of hearing those words but I'm going to let you in on a little secret. Your 2018 Goal setting shouldn't make your frustrated before you even start. You should be able to look at your goals and know that you are going to make some big amazing changes for your business! You should feel confident that you have set yourself up for success, NOT failure and more than anything you should feel stinkin excited to grow! 

To start off I need to give a little back story and to be a honest with you guys. Here's the truth, I used to Hate setting goals. I thought yearly goal setting was kinda stupid and was only setting me up for failure. I would see people set there annual January goal to "get fit" then end up in the fast food drive through only a few weeks later. So what changed my mind and made me want to set goals and kick my own booty into gear.... 

Here's my secret: Set realistic goals. 

I know, this sounds ridiculous and a bit of an eye roll but don't run away yet, because here's the truth.

Setting realistic goals shouldn't be intimidating. They just need should be honest. 

That's the entire point. When you sit down to write you goals (whether that's in January or halfway through the new year) you need to be honest with yourself. Look in the mirror and take a close look. What things in your personal life or business aren't working for you?

Now here is the key point... 

You want to take those things that aren't working in your favor and instead make a goal that counters it. A goal that gets you excited to get out of bed in the morning or better yet keeps you on track for the days you just want to hit snooze and sleep the day away. 

Step 1: Identify the problem. Make a list of 1-10 things that you feel frustrated with (personal or professionally) If your list is pretty long, narrow it down to about 3-5 items, this will help you actually be able to take on the changes you need successfully. 

Step 2: Visualize the Solution. I want you to think of those 3-5 things that have been bothering you, now imagine sitting where you are now, but 6-12 months in the future. How would you like to feel? Would you like to feel more confident as a business woman? Would you like to be more knowledgable on a particular topic? Would you like to financially be able to finally visit that location you've been dreaming about? 

Step 3: Find the Right Goal. Now is the chance to dream big and make the things happen that you have only been dreaming of. Take a minute and write down what I like to call my "big picture" goals. They can seem scary and unattainable right now, but I promise you will be checking things off in no time!

Step 4: Break it Down. Take each of your 3-5 goals and try to break them down into bite size chunks. My favorite way to do this is to break my goal down into Yearly, Monthly and Weekly goals! 

I've attached a free printable and 6 page guide book to help you get started! These are the tools that I use for myself, so if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask! 

Want to dig deeper? 

This is the exact model that I use in my own business