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Feeling Fancy Painting - Kendra Castillo

"We were beyond excited to discover Kendra’s work while visiting Edmonds. Her work is fresh and intensely vibrant and beautiful. The painting we fell in love with and purchased is just the piece we have been searching for. The transaction was seamless including the out of state shipping. We are thrilled!” - Pamela 


“Her work is stunning. She ships it quickly and safely and I’m really happy with the art. Hoping to keep adding to my collection as she continues as an artist.” - Sallie

2018 Abstract Calendar - Kendra Castillo

"I ordered this phenomenal 2018 calendar from @kendracastillodesigns. She is a fellow artist who I have come to be more acquainted with and I love her sweet spirit and heart. Her artwork is as beautiful as she is inside and out."  - Alaina


"Absolutely beautiful! It looks great in my room."  - Naian



Note Cards

"These are beautiful and I also love the little gift tags that were included as an extra."   - Michelle


"This calendar is so beautiful! I'm so glad I purchased it. Can't wait to hang it up in my new house!"   - Kate


"This calendar is really lovely. The artwork is so beautiful that we've been displaying some of the earlier months in other spots in the house, along with the current calendar on the wall."  - Ciara


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Whether you worked with me on a 1-on-1 commission project, purchased online products or collect my original art pieces, this is a place to share your experience. 

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