New Artwork: Introducing the "Meditation Collection"

New Artwork from Kendra Castillo - The MEDITATION COLLECTION is now available!

I quietly began these paintings in the mornings before taking on my other projects or in the evening light. I started them as a simple exercise to not overthink the process of creating, but instead to trust myself as I slowly added layer upon layer of paint. 

I usually work with acrylic paint, but for this it just felt right to use watercolors. One reason was because it forced me to slow down. I had to patiently wait for layers to dry before I added to the painting, during the waiting it allowed me to quiet the noise from the business of life and think about what my intentions are. 

Whats been motivating me? Where is my heart really at, am I being honest with myself? Am I being fully present in "today" and if I am, am I can I find joy despite the hard the hard days? 

Over the months these paintings took shape and I am finally ready to share them all with you. 

I hope they bring a sense of peace for whatever season of life you are currently in.

Breath in, breath out. 

One day at a time.

You can’t change the past. 

Live today, like how you want tomorrow to be.

You are strong. 

New paintings from the "Meditation" Collection by abstract artist Kendra Castillo
Kendra Castillo