It is so easy to look around and be bombarded by what is seemingly perfect lives. Instagram, Facebook, Blogs... are just a few places that scream to be filled with beautiful images and happy moments. Let's take a step back and pull the curtain on what seems like the perfect life. I, myself have been challenged to leave perfection and embrace I little bit more of reality, the reality is that some days are hard and there is most likely a giant pile of dirty clothes of behind the photo you see on Instagram. 

Leaving Perfection and Embracing Reality. #theimperfectboss

I actually wrote a post yesterday, that was inspired by Ashley, the beautiful face behind Fire & Wind co. She wrote passionately about starting a campaign that speaks to the heart of what I was just talking about, it's called "the imperfect boss." After reading just a few posts that others have written I was overwhelmingly compelled to share my story from just the other day.

A day when I felt like a failed business owner, like I didn't have one thing put together, let alone enough to run a business, meet new people or even put real pants on. 

Here is what I wrote over on Instagram... 

"Yesterday I had a day where I felt like throwing in the towel. I most definitely didn’t feel like a boss lady, I felt like a frumpy, keep pushing things off till tomorrow kind of lady. Then the insecurities become reality and I wondered, will I ever “make it,” will I be able to pay my bills and follow my dreams at the same time. The struggle was real. 
I wondered if I’m too much of an introvert to step out of my bubble and do the marketing necessary when I am only a “one lady” operation. I struggled with the insecurity that I'm not social enough, that my social awkwardness will get in the way of potential clients, but I had to stop and have a reality check.
Things don’t happen over night and I am not the same person I was even 6 months ago. We are all capable of taking on big challenges and embracing what seems like “failed” days. 
So I’m taking it a day at a time and learning to let go. "

This was the aha moment I needed to leave my perfectionist self in the dust and embrace reality. The reality is that not everything is as it seems. Sometimes I take 40+ photos to find the perfect one for a blog post. Sometimes I have no new photos, so I scan back months to find one that make sense to pair with the words I want to share. 

The reality is that we shouldn't compare our lives with those of the people around us. We don't know how their day went, we don't know if they feel like utter failures and just need someone to be authentic and share some real encouragement or support. We don't know if there is a pile of unwashed dishes lurking in the corner of that beautiful photo we are coveting. 

My advice, take a moment to realize that we are all human, we have good days and bad days. Days where our insecurities get the best of us. Just remember that it's ok to have failed days, days where you did your very best but it still doesn't go according to plan. Those are the days where you can take the opportunity to find a stronger "you." Embrace those moments, learn from them, don't let them define who you are. 

I would love to learn from you too. What areas in your life are you being challenged lately? Leave me a note in the comments and I will definitely read each and everyone of them! 

xx Kendra