I felt like my last post was a little heavy, it felt necessary for me to write out those words and I'm sure there will be more posts in the future that help navigate some of my thoughts recently. But I also felt it was time for me to share my thoughts on interior styling (does this feel like whiplash?.. if so refer back to this post from some understanding). 

For me decorating has always come from a simple place. I haven't felt the need or desire to overthink it. All I knew is that I loved finding items that already held a story and then I tried to find a place to fit them into our home. One item that I always come back to is antique glass vases. 

Simply Styled Interiors | Antique Vases -KendraCastillo

And I guess I would have to say all glassware in particular but that is a story for another time. 

There has always been something so captivating about old glass vases, some people love the old milk glass and I have to admit that milk glass is undeniably beautiful, but there is something about the simplicity of translucent glass that has and will forever have my attention. Maybe it's the way the light bounces effortlessly through the glass and is allowed to dance magically around and on every surface that it touches? 

Whatever the reason may be I love it and that is the point I'm trying to make. 

Simply Styled Interiors | Antique Vases -KendraCastillo
Simply Styled Interiors | Antique Vases -KendraCastillo

When it comes to my home or when I'm preparing for a party my hand is always reaching out from some antique vases. Besides the fact that I think they are a little bit magical, they also bring amazing texture and visual interest to a space. An added bonus is that you can get really adventurous and head to your favorite thrift store, where you will most likely find some amazing items to pick up for an inexpensive cost.

I have been blessed to horde an unnamable about of vases that all carry their own little story. Some I have thrifted, others are from our wedding and still more from family members who have passed on. 

Simply Styled Interiors | Antique Vases -KendraCastillo


1. Stick to a Similar Style: For me that is obviously clear glass vases. However, if you love colored or milk glass, stick to those. Having a good quantity of similarly styled vases allows you freedom to mix and match different heights or textures and still maintaining a cohesive style. 

2. Don't be afraid to purchase new items: This tip goes along with number 1. If you are out shopping and see a vase that catches your attention but you're not sure if it follows your style, just ask yourself what you main style choice is. If you answer "milk glass" but see a crazy rainbow colored vase, you can probably pass that item up (unless you have a really specific purpose in mind). 

3. Quality Over Quantity: This may seem contradictive to all my ramblings about my obsession with glass vases, but you will have to keep in mind that I regularly go through my stash and get rid of things that I don't love anymore. I have a little rule, if I bring a new item in, then I need to get rid of a similar item. This keeps me from acquiring items that I don't really use. I like to stick to around 5-10 different vases. I try to actively use the items I have in my home, so if I find that I tend to have 5 extra vases sitting away on a shelf, you can bet I'll be pairing those down in the future. 

Simply Styled Interiors | Antique Vases -KendraCastillo

The story behind theses photos:

These photos are from Mother's Day, we were planning a casual family dinner where "no fuss" was mandatory and "enjoyment only" was required. My Mom had these beautiful peonies blooming just outside so I followed my few little "simply styled" rules and grabbed some vases, cut some flowers and added some delicate touches for our "no fuss" Mother's Day. 

Moral of the story, find something you love and never let it go. 

xx Kendra