Friday Letters

Kendra Castillo: Friday letters

I wanted to revisit an old habit I used to have with my former blog, Open Spaces. Every week I would end with a few little love letters or thoughts about the past week. It was always a care free way to reflect and be thankful. So what better time to start back up then November, the month of thankfulness. 

If you want to join with me feel free :) every Friday of this month I will try to do these little letters, if you join in let me know so I can head over and see who you are writing to! 

DEAR HUSBAND, Thanks again for pushing to grow as a wife, friend and artist. Oh and thanks for being my voice of reason when I get all worked up over something silly. DEAR WASHINGTON, I love you and all of your green, but is there a way you can get green without all this rain?? Its making my painting work days quite dark and dreary. DEAR COFFEE, I love you, I love you, I love you. DEAR SATURDAY MORNING, I cant wait to greet you... but it wont be for a while because I need a whole lot of beauty rest. 

xo Kendra