While we were in Washington I got to have the opportunity to pick up my brushes and paint again. Since we have moved from


I haven't had the chance to paint (mostly because all of our stuff is still crammed into boxes and I can't find anything) so when my sister asked me if I would paint something for their new babies nursery I jumped at the opportunity. I grabbed some brushes and crammed them into my already full suitcase, excited to see what she had in mind. 

The best part about my relationship with my sister is that we trust each other and let each other's gifting's shine. She is a great nurse and has organizational skills like no one's business. I on the other hand, have had to learn to have some organization and leave all the medical stuff to her and my brother (I'll stick to the artsy stuff). So when she gave me free reign on what to paint I was thrilled to let my brush take control. 

For me there is nothing better then the uncertainty of what a painting will turn out like. Sometimes I have a goal in mind, but for things like this I just trust my instincts and start to paint. Layer upon layer it begins to take shape and this one was no exception, I knew about halfway through where I was going. Light & feminine. 

 We can call this one "For Katelyn" I hope your dreams will be many!