I love my little creative office space, but one thing it's lacking in would be storage. Maybe it's the artist in me but I think finding attractive ways to store the items you use everyday is key. When I found this frame in the Michael's clearance section, I knew just what to do with it. The best part is that you can recreate this project using a smaller frame and let your creative juices flow. So this took a total of maybe 20 mins to put together from start to finish, so in my book it's a definite win! 

bulletin board.1

All you need is a few simple items: 

1- frame 

2- framing wire

3- hammer 

4- pencil 

5- ruler

6- nails 

bulletin board.2

Begin by marking were you want to place your hanging wire. I placed mine 4 1/2 inches apart due to the size of my frame and what I knew I wanted to hang on it. You can make your hanging wire as close or far apart as you wish. 

bulletin board.3

Next, gently hammer in a small tack nail about half way down. Then take your wire and wrap it around the nail 3 or 4 times and clip off the excess wire. Pull your wire tight to ensure a straight hanging line as you wrap it around the second nail on the other side of the frame. Continue down until you have completed all the rows that you want. 

bulletin board.4
bulletin board.5

You now have a creative bulletin board! I love to use a few clips or paper clips to hang pictures or my paints. I love looking at it everyday and it reminds me that I need to sit down and do some more painting than I have lately :)