Right now the trees are in full bloom. The sun is shining and my heart is happy. Something about all this sun after so much winter makes me want to bust out the bbq and some chilled salads, so I felt like I had to share this recipe with you all.

BlackBean & Quinoa Salad.1

This recipe is amazing, one because its quick & easy, two because its just so fresh and perfect for summer time.

BlackBean & Quinoa Salad.4


1 cucumber

1 cup halved cherry tomatoes

3 green onions

2 tbs cilantro

1 can black beans 

1 cup Quinoa 

1 lime 

2 tbs toasted sesame oil

Salt and Pepper to taste

BlackBean & Quinoa Salad.2
BlackBean & Quinoa Salad.3


- Mix together 2 tbs lime juice, 2 tsp lime zest, toasted sesame oil and salt & pepper. 

- Cook Quinoa, I chose to use my rice cooker which made this process very very easy. 

You just cook it like you would white rice (2 cups water, 1 cup Quinoa). Also make sure to 

rinse your Quinoa prior to cooking it (rinse about 3 times in a fine mesh strainer). 

BlackBean & Quinoa Salad.6
BlackBean & Quinoa Salad.5

- Once Quinoa is cooked, lay flat on a cookie sheet, place in a preheated oven (350 degrees)

and toast until golden. Stir occasionally. 

- Once Quinoa is toasted mix it in with the dressing until it soaks it all up. Then add 

chopped veggies and chill in refrigerator  The flavors only get better the longer it sits. 

BlackBean & Quinoa Salad.7