Chasing an honest life + a secret Art announcement!

If someone would have told me a few years ago, heck 6 months ago that I would be creating art content regularly, taking on commission painting clients, teaching creative coaching sessions and working with designers I would out right laugh in your face. Don't get me wrong, I am incredibly grateful and I don't say these things to shout "look at me." Actually it is completely opposite. 

Fall Art Collection - Kendra Castillo

By nature I'm that person that likes to sit in silence at a party, I like to listen to those around me be expressive and I've always thought, "What would it be like to be so comfortable sharing your opinions and sharing your voice." "What would I even say if I felt comfortable enough?" 

The irony is that I can honestly say that getting to the point I am right now, personally and professionally has been a roller coaster. In some ways I stop and look back and want to shout because I feel like I tricked myself. I trick myself by somehow doing small comfortable things and now all of the sudden I seems like there a thousand people staring at me as I stand uncomfortable and feeling vulnerable. 

Creating artwork feels like letting someone read my diary or journal. It's like opening up your heart to let someone judge you and say "Yes, that one is valuable or No, thats a mistake." As an artist it can sometimes be difficult to not take those things personally. Luckily I can say that 99% of the things people say to me are incredibly kind and encouraging.

But for some reason I recently felt like I was freezing up. 

I was feeling judged and aware of all the eyes looking at my work. I felt stuck and I wasn't creating from a place of freedom. 

Kendra Castillo Artwork

New Collection of Abstract Paintings coming NEXT Friday! NOVEMBER 17th! 

So, what was my solution. I forced myself out of my routine, I went for a walk. I got away from the studio. I took a day off. I chased a different creative passion. 

The result... A new Fall + Winter Collection of paintings! 

I'm so dang excited to share these new paintings with you guys! You have been such a support and source of encouragement, these paintings are my little way of saying thank you and a reminder to live life to it's fullest! These paintings are inspired by the holiday seasons, my hope is that they bring a sense of excitement and anticipation for life and the upcoming holidays. 

I want to laugh at myself now... Laugh at myself for allowing myself get caught up in others opinions instead of what I know to be true. Thank you guys again for supporting what I do and giving me the freedom to keep creating and exploring! 

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