Being an Artist and Blogger

How I embraced being an Artist & Blogger | Kendra Castillo

I didn't choose to step away from my 9-5 job, it just fell into my lap and I never said no to it. 

I've had a few interesting conversations recently. We sit down and they asked me how life is going and what I'm doing now. This is always a loaded question... "what are you doing" basically means what is my job title. So I tried to muster up some confidence and said "life is good, I have been painting daily and have had the opportunity to meet some amazing people online because of it.

This leads to a minor pause and a tilt of the head, and then something like "that's not something you hear everyday," but the best part about a conversation like this is that it usually means I get a chance to talk about what chasing an unforeseen dream looks like. 

Because really if I'm going to be honest I never thought I would be a "real" artist. Someone who shared their story publicly. Someone who had people ask them to paint something just for them. Someone who would stay home and forget to get dressed because I was covered in paint while simultaneously sending out emails and trying to figure out what it looks like to work for yourself and start a business from scratch. 

The irony is that my story to pursuing being a full time artist, designer & self-employed crazy lady, may have started less than a year ago and on a sort of a whim.

But my story started long before that & that's something I plan on sharing more about in the future.

I feel like in some ways I have failed you as my friends, the people who have followed my journey over the past few months or even years. Personally I have felt like I have been struggling to find my voice as an artist and being extremely introverted, I have also felt creatively drained in some ways so this blog has become more and more quiet, but I know that needs to change. 

I need you, I need my people, my tribe. 

I need to start sharing my story, even if I have no idea what tomorrow may bring. So I hope that this continues to be a space for creative inspiration & life shared together. 

Because let's be honest, we need each other! 

So if you're new around here or have been keeping up with my nonsense for a while, I wanted to say hello! 

I'm, Kendra. & I've been contemplating 3 important things: puppies, paints & plants (not intentionally all P's I promise)
I thought I would share 3 things about myself. ⠀
I've been stalking all adoption sites for puppies lately!!! ⠀
2. I've been trying to wean myself off of coffee and I've made it to 2 cups a day, so I'm counting that as a win. ⠀
3. I'm a combination of freaked out & exited for this next year & the endless art possibilities that the future may hold. ⠀

As always, I hope you feel welcome here! Feel free to say hello anytime :)