During the warmer months I am not stranger to a refreshing cocktail. I love sharing a drink with friends out in the evening warmth, which only comes for a few months so we soak it up as much as possible. My drink of choice tends to have gin in it or something a little stronger on the rocks. I really hate sweet drinks and anything too bubbly, but I definitely make a few exceptions for this drink.

Kendra Castillo: Tropical Greyhound Cocktail
Kendra Castillo: Tropical Greyhound Cocktail

A few weeks ago we were playing around with a couple drink recipes and made up this gem (if you have had this before please tell me the official name but for now I'm calling it my "Tropical Greyhound"). It remains me of being on vacation, lounging in the sun with a refreshing drink.. 

Greyhound Coctail-KendraCastillo.jpg



1 oz Malibu Rum 

1 oz Grapefruit Vodka (or regular vodka)

4 oz fresh Grapefruit Juice or I like to use

Simply Grapefruit juice


Kendra Castillo: Tropical Greyhound Cocktail


Fill an Old Fashion glass 1/2 way with ice 

Add Malibu Rum, Vodka, Grapefruit juice, stir & taste. 

Garnish with a lime wedge & Enjoy! 


Let me know what your favorite summer cocktail is! My goal is to expand my horizon this summer and try some new drinks!