Tree Hunting Adventure + Friday Wrap Up

This past weekend I met up with my family because they wanted to head to a local tree farm and cut down their Christmas trees. Usually Marcus and I don't do a tree because we are typically traveling and our houses have all been pretty tiny. So I went with the intention of just having fun watching them all pick out their trees.... but no such luck. 

I saw this cute little tree and knew it would be perfect in our apartment. I didn't have any decorations or a plan, but I knew that this little guy was ours! 

Mini Christmas Tree
Mini Christmas Tree Decorating

The look on Marcus's face when I brought it home was priceless. I wish I could capture it one day. He tends to give me this partial eye roll, mixed with a smile as I go about my crazy antics. Like walking up the stairs with a tree in tow and a giant mason jar in the other, because of course I thought that a jar would make the perfect tree stand. 

A little hunting around the house led me to some dried flowers and ribbon that I used as my tree topper, then a quick trip to the Dollar Tree for some ornaments. So all in, I got my dream tree for $2 (since I got the tree for free, they laughed at me when I said this was the tree for me). 

What are some ways that you have brought the holidays into your home? I think my favorite thing about this time of the year is that I have learned to slow down and reflect. As I write this I am sitting at my desk, watching the first snow fall.

It feels magical and just right.