The Best Oversized Sweater

The Best Oversized Sweaters for Fall | Kendra Castillo
Layers & The Best Oversized Sweaters for Fall | Kendra Castillo
The Best Oversized Sweaters for Fall | Kendra Castillo
Favorite fall outfit | Kendra Castillo
Oversized sweaters & skinny jeans | Kendra Castillo

If there is one thing I have rediscovered this past year is that I am a fan of a minimal lifestyle.

From my home to my closet I think that less things help streamline everything. I have found that the key for my wardrobe is to choose specific pieces that you can interchange for many occasions and seasons. One of those Items I can not do without is an oversized sweater! 

When Marcus and I packed up our house 2 years ago we had no idea the funny and crazy rollercoaster or a journey our lives would be like. When we packed everything we didn't own much, we lived in a 500 sq ft house, so when I think about how 90% of our belonging are still packed away in a completely different state from that first move. I am a little shocked at how accustom we got to living with less. Granted we have been so blessed to have friends and family help us with some basic needs like kitchen items and a bed... but now back to that perfect oversized sweater. 

Ok, so I'd like to think that I'm not very impulsive and when it comes to clothes shopping I usually am, I hate shopping for long periods of time and I also have a hard time making up my mind, so I usually just wait until I absolutely need something. However, the day I bought this sweater I was 100% impulsive and I don't have one regret. I was heading straight for the door, because I was indecisive as usually, but this sweater caught my eye.

I actually whipped around so fast, grabbed it off the rack and put it immediately on! 

The reason why this is the best thing I may have ever owned is because I feel like Im being hugged by the coziest blanket at all times and who doesn't want that! 

My advice while looking for any item of clothing is to get something you feel comfortable in. If you are most comfortable in your sweats at home than find items that recreate that feeling while still getting dressed for work. Thats exactly the reason I fell in love with this sweater!

The key is to also have balance. 

If you want to wear that oversized sweater, than try pairing it with some structured items. I went with fitted jeans (that feel like leggings), chambray top and some booties.... balance. 

I've linked my outfit below, the exact sweater is unavailable anymore, but you can shop a few similar items that I thought would be just as comfortable! 

When it comes to fall & winter what are some of your favorite pieces?