Green, A color for more than just for plants & 4 ways to use Green in your Home

I was so excited when Pantone announced Greenery as their color of the year. I recently found out that the human eye can see more shades of green than any other

(I have yet to dig into all the facts) but the thought is exciting and I will say that as an artist I find myself picking up that tube of green paint more and more. Plus, If you've hung out here for long then you may have notice a common inspiration theme around all things nature and plants, here are a few posts to prove it here, here and here, but as much as I love plants I also love taking this inspiration from nature and incorporating it into you home can be just as impacting. 

Now don't go all crazy on me and stop reading because all you are picturing is that ugly shag carpet your grandparents had in their living room. It had the worst texture and was a horrible pea green color. 

Oh no. That is not the green I am talking about. I've put together 5 of my favorite ways to use Green in your home this year! 

Image source:  Florian Braun  for    Freistil Rolf Benz  .

Image source: Florian Braun for Freistil Rolf Benz.

#1. Painted Ceilings! 

Designer tip: don't be afraid to look up and see where you can add some visual interest in your home. You can often overlook the unique lines and textures that a painted ceiling can bring to your home. Also, if you have a large open room, don't be afraid to paint only a section of it. By painting a portion of the ceiling space you will be creating separation and designated areas without the need for a wall or divider. 

Image via Kendra Castillo |  Hanson Nursery Project

Image via Kendra Castillo | Hanson Nursery Project

#2 Green Furniture Accents 

Designer Tip: If you're feeling like your space could use a little facelift but you don't want to commit to a whole wall of green. No worries, just choose an accent piece and give it a new coat of paint! View full client project Here. 

Source:  Koket  

Source: Koket 

#3 Be Bold

If you are the type to enjoy an opportunity to be bold that who am I to hold you back.. Be bold my friend! 

Designer tip: Decide which are of you room you want to be bold in, do you want to paint all the wall green or do you want your floor or cabinets to be your canvas? My advice, choose a few Green colors that you love and bring them home. Make sure to paint large areas (either on your wall or on a large swatch) and keep it up a minimum of 24 hours, this allows you to see how the paint looks in different light settings, because trust me sometimes the color you thought you loved is your worst enemy when you get home. Never skip this process, I promise you wont regret it.  

Source:  Lee Tilgham

#4 Plants

I know I said that green is for more then just plants, but I love plants so I have to include them! Also, introducing green in the form of plants is a nice, non committal way to include green into you home. 

Designer Tip: isolate your plants to a certain are of you house/room. This allows the different colors and texture to be the focal point. Plus, you usually have the best light for your plants  in a few designated area and it make watering a simple task. 

Do you think you will incorporate green somewhere in your home this year or are you already? I would love to see or hear all about it :) 

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