Let's Join Together in the #CreateEverydayProject

This month I wanted to take on a little self motivated challenge. Since I began working for myself I have discovered that I need to set goals and deadlines for to really push myself to compete various goals. Needless to say I have been feeling in a creative rut, so what better way than to challenge myself to create a new painting every day of October and I wanted to invite you to join with me!! Let's do this together... here's a few things you should know. 


Creating something new everyday #CreateEverydayProjectCreating something new everyday #CreateEverydayProject

Each day of this month I will be working on a new painting. The premise of this project is to encourage creativity and promote healthy daily practices. For me this comes in the form of painting, for you it may be photography or writing or some other medium. 

This isn't a time to be overly critical, it is meant to be a safe time to explore and push yourself creatively. My personal goal is to hopefully discover something new in my creative process, to embrace the failed paintings I create along the way, my motto is that "it's all about the journey," this is one way to be intentional to grow and nurture our different skills. 

A masterpiece wasn't created the first time Michelangelo picked up a brush...

Keep perspective and embrace the creative season you are in! 

Creating something new everyday #CreateEverydayProject

So I wanted to invite you to join this little challenge, maybe you need a little push to start back up that passion project that you have been setting aside or you just want to share a project you are working on. 

I wanted this project to be a place for encouragement, as well as accountability to complete this month strong.  If you would like to participate feel free by tagging your work with #CreateEverydayProject