Feeling Thankful

Thanksgiving is almost here and I finally had a moment of stillness. Something about seeing the Fall Decorations sprinkled around and bits & pieces of my artwork covering every little corner of our apartment humbled me. 

Minimal Fall Decorations | Kendra Castillo
Holiday Greenery

I stood and look around our little home and I was overwhelmed with gratefulness. I eluded to a bit of our crazy journey from past few years in this post, I never in a million years would have imagined this to be my life. I like to hold the future with an open hand, ever changing. It allows me to be open to new dreams, new relationships and ultimately my own personal growth. 

When I think back to this year, it has been filled with just that, Growth

Marcus and I were talking about it just the other night, we could never have imagined the challenges we would have faced, but at the same time it is balanced by a deep strengthening in ourselves that we couldn't have developed without some hardship. 

Simple Greens & printable for the Holidays | Kendra Castillo

I wrote this over on instagram the other day: 

Kendra Castillo Artwork
"I woke up this morning to dirty brushes & paint in my hands. My sister told me the other day that I should paint shadows. I casually said maybe, but then last night something magical happened. ⠀

I chased shadows. ⠀

Finding beauty in the negative spaces, in the dark. This is what life is about for me. Digging deep in those dark moments to search for the good & beautiful things that need to be found. ⠀
These paintings aren't finished yet, but I wanted to share the process with you... because maybe you needed to be reminded that there's something beautiful waiting outside of your current storm."
Open Shelving Holiday Decor

The holidays can become a time of stress and exhaustion. My challenge this year is to be present. To listen to the relationships around you, to slow down. To write down your accomplishments & gratitude. 

Lets help encourage each other to do just that! 

I created a little Holiday Guide that shares a few of my Simple Tools that help me stay sane & successful during the holidays!