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Life has been a little crazy for both Marcus and I lately. Between his work and preparing for my new artwork release, our days have been crazy, but luckily we're both pretty big "home bodies" and nothing is better than a night in together. This year when we realized that Valentine's Day was coming up we settled on a simple dinner out and then an evening spent at home for a little gift exchange, but I ruined my gift surprise because who can keep a secret when you find the best wooden watch!

Jord Watch + 9 valentines celebrated together
The best Wooden Watch! Jord Watches

When you feel like you won the gift lottery! 

I have the hardest time finding something unique that I think Marcus would actually love + wear, even after almost 9 yrs together! You would think I would be better at this, but I'm not, so when I saw these unique wooden watches from Jord I was sold! Seriously these are the best watches I have seen and their unique mechanical components were definitely an attraction, because if you've ever met Marcus then you know that he would totally nerd out by being able to see the watch operate while he wears it!

When we pulled it out of it's box we were honestly a bit speechless by how beautiful this unique watch was! I honestly had no idea that the quality would be this incredible! One of our favorite aspects of this watch is that you don’t need a battery because your daily movement operates this watch, how neat is that!

Jord Watch, Wooden Mens Watch | Kendra Castillo
Best Wood Watch! Valentines Gift idea
Mens Gift Idea: Wooden Watch by Jord
Dover Watch by Jord

I'm also not going to lie, I was a bit jealous when I saw this beautiful wood watch in person...  I think I'll have to get myself one of these wooden women's watches in the very near future or maybe I can hint to Marcus how this would make a special early birthday present!

Do you exchange gifts for Valentines day? 

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Best wooden watch!
Unique mens watch gift idea


There are a ton of different styles for both men and women, and the wooden box they come in is so cool! It's Bryan's birthday next month, I might have to get him one as well. ;)





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XO Kendra