Behind The Canvas: Taking a peak into the inspiration behind my Artwork

I find it so fascinating to take a peak behind people's creative process. To see what inspired them to grab their camera and capture a moment, or why they chose the colors they did to paint their master piece. So that got mr to think that since this space has become more of a place to share my creative journey with you all. I wanted to start a new series where I take you behind the canvas and share some of the inspiration and stories behind my paintings. 

Original has been Sold, but you can still purchase this artwork   on my    Greeting Cards. 

Original has been Sold, but you can still purchase this artwork on my Greeting Cards. 

This painting took place after a long day, my heart desired a good fire, fresh air and a moment of inspiration. So I did just that, I packed a bag and headed outside, I built a fire and pulled up a chair and began to paint. This is the result, I call it "A Dream for the Dreamer," because everyone needs to be inspired, to be challenged to chase a dream bigger than what they think possible for them to achieve. 

I hope you enjoy this new series of posts, make sure to stop by next Friday for the next installment.