Behind the Canvas: Distant Waters

This is the third installment of my "Behind the Canvas" series (you can view the rest here). I wanted to do these posts because I find it so fascinating to take a peak behind peoples creative processes. To see what inspired them to grab their camera and capture a moment, or why they chose the colors they did to paint their master piece. So that got me to think that since this space has become more of a place to share my creative journey with you all. I wanted to start a new series where I take you behind the canvas and share some of the inspiration and stories behind my paintings.

Kendra Castillo: Going Behind the Canvas // DISTANT WATERS
Kendra Castillo: Going Behind the Canvas // DISTANT WATERS

This piece is called "Distant Waters," when I started my Return Home collection I had no idea the direction or personal challenges that would come along the way. 

Needless to say that this painting came as a wave of fresh air. It was the final piece I painted in the collection and somehow my favorite. Maybe the fact that it was the last, I wasn't planning on painting anymore pieces, but I couldn't shake the need for a bookend. Distant Waters was just the perfect ending. 

Something magical happened while painting, the paint was effortlessly flowing and I had thoughts of sitting on the oceans edge growing up. When I was younger I would sit and watch the sunset and wonder what was on the other side of what I could see. It always seemed like the perfect place where dreams began. 

This painting is all about that, it is about finding inspiration, to embrace the things that we cant see and to be comforted by the journey.