Behind The Canvas: Light & Love

This is the second installment of my "Behind the Canvas" series (you can view the first one Here). I wanted to do these posts because I find it so fascinating to take a peak behind peoples creative processes. To see what inspired them to grab their camera and capture a moment, or why they chose the colors they did to paint their master piece. So that got me to think that since this space has become more of a place to share my creative journey with you all. I wanted to start a new series where I take you behind the canvas and share some of the inspiration and stories behind my paintings. 

I painted this piece almost 3 years ago, but every time I look at it I am flooded with excitement. As an artist I can look back and see how my work has evolved and highlights different moments in my life, like a journal entry. They can be incredibly personal, but at the same time I think that they can speak to many people. My hope has always been that people can view the art I create and find a personal connection to it.

That is part of why I want to do this series, so that you can see my heart and in return dig a little deeper into why you are drawn to different aspects of an art piece. 

"Light & Love"

This painting is inspired by our deepest desire to be loved. How at birth we were innocent, but life has a funny way of tainting even the purest hearts. The colors and textures found in this painting speak to that friction in life and how even in the darkest times we can find contentment in life when we pursue light and love.