I feel like I've been talking a lot lately about life and some of the struggles we are encountering, but I want to you know it isn't all hard. In the hard times you are given beautiful glimpses of joy and light. During the past 6 months without a steady income Marcus and I have been able to spend extended time with our families. This may not seem like a bit deal but since we were both 19 & 20 (almost 10 years) we have lived away from our families. 

It's sometimes funny to think about how a girl from Bellingham, Washington and a guy from Greeley, Colorado ended up in a tiny town with one blinking light in Lakeside, Montana. We joined up with a non-profit group called Youth With A Mission and spent the next almost 6 years traveling the world and somewhere along the way we fell in love. We got married, moved to Bozeman, Montana and went back to school. Now here we are in Colorado, degrees in hand, treading in unknown territory. 

But over the past 6 months we have been able to fly to WA and be there for the birth of my niece, meet up with old YWAM friends, hang out with family and have and opportunity to have greater personal growth, that without this season we would be without. Times like these keep things in perspective, they remind me how we need to cherish life and live it to our fullest. 

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