Live Event and Wedding Paintings, abstract wedding artist Kendra Castillo.

Live Event and Wedding Paintings, abstract impressionistic wedding artist Kendra Castillo.
Live Event and Wedding Paintings, abstract wedding and event artist Kendra Castillo.


Add a unique touch to your special day that people will be talking about long after the event is over!

Enjoy the beauty and uniqueness of your special event for years to come with a live event or wedding painting by Kendra Castillo. She will come paint live for your wedding, family reunion, birthday party, city event, or any special occasion that you desire to have captured on canvas.

Kendra takes the classic “wedding/event painting” and adds her unique abstract approach. Using inspiration from the wedding venue, a photo or favorite memory discussed prior to the event, Kendra uses colors and textures to tell the story of the special day.

Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary or your wedding day a live event painting becomes a forever keepsake that you can be hung in your home and be passed down for generations.

Abstract Wedding Artist - Kendra Castillo. A new take on Wedding Paintings



Arriving an hour before the event (or previously confirmed time), Kendra will set up an begin sketching out the painting layout. Guests are welcome to interact and take pictures as they watch the painting come to life. Kendra will work on the painting anywhere from 1-5 hours (depending on event requirements). After working on painting the painting will be taken to Kendra’s home studio to be finished. The final painting will be completed between one and two weeks of event night.  

Finalizing & Approval

A few weeks after the event Kendra will send a photograph of your painting by email. Once you approve, the painting will be protected with a finishing varnish, wired and delivered to you!


Pricing will be based on a flat rate depending on the canvas size (24" x 36", 30" x 30", 36”x48” or another discussed size option ). However, if travel is involved, expenses will also include: flight/milage, transportation, lodging, and meals. 

Every wedding/ event is different and Kendra is more then happy to discuss how she can help make this special entertainment happen for you. Her main concern is to provide unique entertainment and to leave you with a one of a kind painting to help you remember your special day!

Please Contact Kendra so you can chat about any specific details or concerns you may have.!