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Thank you so much for wanting to learn more about my commission painting process. Here are a few things that may help you understand the process of making you your very own custom painting!

What is a Commission Painting. 

Simply put, a commission painting is just a fancy way of saying that we get to work one-on-one to create a special custom painting just for you! Commission paintings are so much more then just another chance for me to get messy while covering a fresh canvas with paint. 

Working one-on-one is a unique opportunity to create a painting that fits perfectly in your home. I love working with my clients to create the perfect art piece that complements not only the interior aspects but their lifestyle and unique personalities.

Fun fact, did you know that I have a degree in interior design? Using the knowledge from my education makes me uniquely qualified to help you select colors, overall concepts and have the understanding behind why art can play such a significant roll in a home. 

Custom commission paintings by abstract & landscape artist Kendra Castillo. based in Bellingham WA.

My Process. 

(I only take a limited number or commission paintings per year, this allows me to give each painting my complete attention while still working on my other projects)

1. Simply fill out the form below, this little questionnaire helps me understand your needs and desires for your new painting.

2. Then I'll send you an invoice for a 50% deposit (deposit = 50% of total).  Next, we will then schedule a time to either see your space in person (if you're local) or chat via email about the fun design side of things (size, colors, what past paintings of mine you love the most, etc..) 

3. I will begin your custom painting! I usually leave 4-5 weeks to complete a painting. During this time I will send you process photos or if you are local you are more then welcome to come see the painting in person. 

4. Once the painting is finished and you have approved it, it will be delivery time! This is the best part, I ship or deliver all paintings wired are ready to hang in your home. If your painting is over 48 inches we will chat ahead of time about different shipping options to figure out what would work best for you. 


These paintings are one of a kind and you will have the only one. Each painting commissioned by my collectors are truly unique and will not be made into reproductions or offered as any form of print in my shop or with another company.  This artwork will be yours and yours alone!  As the buyer, you have exclusive rights to display the artwork in your home and I relinquish my right to reproduce the work for profit (I will still share the piece on social media and I hope you do to!)

The Next Step.

Well now this is the fun part! If something about me and my artwork has made you think we would be the perfect match let's get to chatting about all the fun details that will soon make up your new original painting! Just click the link below and fill out a little form to help me get to know you and what you are looking for. 

Still have some questions for me, no problem! Feel fee to contact me and I'll get back to you shortly

CLICK HERE to send me a message.