I've lived in Montana for almost 10 combined years and we now we live in Colorado, so when it comes to fashion and winter there are a few "musts" on my list. It starts and ends with lots of layers! My staples are a great hat, wool jacket, scarf, skinny jeans, boots and wool socks, you can basically expect to find me in some sort of arrangement of this kind.  

Hat: handmade by a friend | Scarf: Target | Jacket: Ross (a few seasons ago) | Jeans Levis | Boots: Sorels

I will admit that if you follow me on instagram than you saw how a few weeks back I was literally wearing shorts and a tank top. I really didn't know what to do with myself, so I was that crazy lady who woke up so excited to see snow on the ground, because it meant I got to cozy up in my favorite scarf and boots. Hope you all are enjoying all the crazy up and down weather it seems everyone is having... I guess that means one thing. Spring isCOMING