Being a small business owner most of my days are spent at home in front of my computer. Im not currently working in an office, so the need to get dressed isn't pressing. Most days you will find me in leggings and an oversized sweater of sorts. But sometimes I just have to get dressed and get out of the house for my own sanity. Even if that means just bringing my computer to a local coffee shop. 

Details | Shirt: Target | Jeans: Nordstrom | Boots: Kohls | Purse: Clarks

This outfit is pretty much a staple for me, you can be guaranteed to find me 90% of the time in boots, cuffed jeans and a comfortable shirt. This plaid button down has become a fast favorite for me. I've dressed it up and dressed it down, basically if you don't have a plaid shirt I think you should get one :)