The holidays are over and if you're like me you have a pile of holiday card and a question of what to do with them. I received an email from 

Tiny Prints

 that inspired me to find a creative way of up-cycling my cards. One of my favorite features on these cards was that most of the card designs come with great designs on the back. How cute is that, so this sparked my creative juices and made me want to find a way to reuse some of

these cute designs

One idea was to up-cycle old cards by turning them into coasters. These are perfect for a party or just to have around the house. All you need to do is glue the faces of two cards together, trace a circle and cut it out. It's super simple and they add the perfect personal touch to any party.

Another idea was to make a funky background for our weekly meal planning menu. I love this menu planner because it uses an old picture frame and it is so easy to reuse because the glass acts as a dry-erase surface. 

Simply cut up your cards in a pattern that you want, I went for a simple one pattern look. Next, have a piece of paper/ cardstock that is the size of your picture frame. Glue your cards to that piece of paper/ cardstock and then trim off any excess. Next adhere your printed menu (I used Microsoft Word to create a simple weekday printable). Then place inside your picture frame, and TaDa you have a new erasable weekly menu.

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