Turning 31 Snuck Up On Me.

This past year has been a whirlwind. On my 30th birthday we spent it in Montana getting ready for my little brothers wedding, this year we have been trying to find a new rhythm to daily life. My birthday is on the 3rd and I will be spending it away on a mountain enjoying a potentially rainy camping trip with my family.... and I cant wait. I could use some quiet mountain inspiration. 

Kendra Castillo: Turning 31

But as I was thinking about this past year I realized I have learned quite a few things. 

So this is my 30 second blurb for my 30 years on earth. 

  1. Be grateful 
  2. Live in the Moment
  3. Work on communication with the people you love, especially when you don't want to
  4. Always say sorry 
  5. Always say I love you to the people you care about
  6. Dont be afraid to try something new 
  7. Find your values in life and then dont be distracted by everyone else's  
  8. Use hot sauce on everything... it just makes life better 
  9. Embrace your failures, because they might just be the moments that change your life
  10. Create space in your day to be quite and take a step away from all the busyness

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