As a designer it is so much fun to play around with different styles and take on the challenge of meshing old and new, modern and traditional. Whatever you desire there is usually a way to take on the challenge of creating a  functional and cohesive space that speaks to your personal style and taste.

For me I love creating spaces that are grounded and feel like they can withstand the ever changing design trends.

Traditional design styles are my building blocks when it comes to making a room come together. It means time-honored, reliable, whether the pieces come from America or France or any other part of the world, Traditional pieces are the backbone to any room. However, there is no reason not to piece in your favorite styles, one of mine right now is

Mid-Century Modern design

Mid-Century Modern can be defined as clean lined designs, beautiful woods like teak, and graphic patterns all combined to make pieces that are classic. Mixing both Traditional and Mid-Century Modern design pieces can create a space that is visually interesting and timeless in nature. In this design board I used pieces from Chairish to create my dream living room.

Traditional Style:

rug | sofa | serving tray | candle holders pillow | horse

Mid-Century Modern Style:

side tables | side chair | coffee table | lamps | mirror | floor lamp painting

What are your thoughts? Do you have a favorite design trend right now that you would like to incorporate into your current space?