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Love and Coffee Stains

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Leah here from Life,

Love and Coffee Stains

! For some reason, organizing my jewelry is a constant struggle. I’m not sure if it’s because I have a lot of it, or because I’ve never found a jewelry box that fit all of my needs. Recently, I decided to give up the search for the perfect jewelry box, and instead decided to put my jewelry on display, like the pieces of art that they are, which of course meant a DIY project.

First, I went in search of a frame. Since I live with my boyfriend, I was given some guidelines (a.ka. it couldn’t be too girly). I ended up finding a simple shadowbox frame at a thrift store (similar one found


) The frame doesn’t need to be a shadow box, in fact, if I make another one, I think I’ll find a more decorative frame! I chose neutral paper colors since my bedroom has a lot of soft brown tones, and some beautiful nature paintings and prints.

Picture 1.jpg

Materials: Paper, Mod Podge, Paint Brush, Command Hooks (or similar), Super Glue, Frame.

This is where the creativity starts. As an art minor, my favorite class was collage, so instead of cutting out a pattern from the paper, I chose to do some collaging!

Picture Two.jpg

I simply ripped paper and placed it where I wanted it to go on the frame backing, using the Mod Podge on both the back and edges of the paper, in order to make sure it stayed in place. It’s important to attach the paper well, since you’ll be placing hooks on the paper and not on the cardboard frame backing.

While I chose to collage, you could also create a pattern with paper, or use a single large sheet of scrapbook paper in whatever pattern you choose! The best part of this project is that you can make anything match with what you already have in your room.  

Picture 3.jpg

After you’ve glued down all of your pieces of paper, give the Mod Podge some time to dry, and make sure you’ve secured any edges you may have. Then, attach your command hooks using the super glue. You can use the tabs that come with the command hooks, but in my experience, super glue is a little stronger.

I chose to place the hooks after I’d put the backing in the frame, mainly because I wanted to make sure I didn’t accidentally place the hooks too high or too low. Give your project a day to finish drying, and to ensure nothing will fall off before you place jewelry on the hooks (better safe than sorry!)

Picture 4.jpg

(All jewelry available at

Ta-da! I personally really like the look of hanging jewelry, especially since it’s so beautiful! (It also keeps my necklaces from getting tangled, which saves me a ton of time and hassle.) My background came out a little desert camouflage looking (thank the BF for pointing that one out), but I was going for a wood/nature look, so I’m ok with it. I’m glad I didn’t use patterned paper with the collage style, since I really wanted the jewelry to pop!

Next step is to hang this in the bedroom, so I’m off to find a hammer and a nail!

Thank you Kendra for having me on the blog!

  • Leah,

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