I have found my favorite pair of shorts for the summer!

The best part is that they are made from an old pair of American Eagle jeans

 that I got from the Goodwill. 

It is a simple DIY project that you could do to any of your old jeans. 

You need to find a pair of jeans you wish to alter. 

Lay them flat on the ground or table. Grab a pair of shorts that you like the

 length of and mark on your jeans where you want to cut. If you don't have a favorite pair of jeans

 just try on your jeans and mark where you wish you cut. 

Then fold the legs over to make sure that you end up with shorts 

that are even. 

After you have cut them, grab a pair of scissors and gently rub the sharp edge against the end of your shorts to create a more distressed look. I also used this method of distressing on different areas on the front of my shorts to give them a more "worn" look.

Once you're happy with the look and length throw them into the washer and dryer and they with come out freshly fringed and ready to wear. 

If you're feeling adventurous grab a bright color thread and stitch some detail into your shorts. I chose to add some color above the side slits but feel free to go a bit wild if you're feeling like it.