When it comes to my hair I can defietly get into a major rut. Just picture me sitting around with a top knot 90% of the time, it's easy and great for 2-3 day hair :) Whenever I find that Im doing the same thing with my hair over and over I start wanting to make some major hair cutting decisions and right now that just doesn't work for me because I really want to try and grow it out again. So the other night I decided to try my hands at what Im naming the "lazy braided updo." Oh you want to know the lazy part... ok Ill tell you. You braid you hair wet after a shower and simply pin up the ends in the morning! 

So if you like to shower at night and want that disheveled look pictured than these are the steps for you: 

- Shower at night and wash your hair. 

- Split hair into two sections, your part can be rough so that it doesn't look like you have a straight lined part in the back of your head. 

- French braid each section and finish each braid off with a hair elastic. 

- The next morning, take the ends of each of your braids and pin them up using bobby pins to secure tightly. 

- Take some hairspray and spray down any unwanted fly aways. Then you're done! 

* If you want a more polished look, simply braid your hair in the morning and follow the rest of the steps listed above. 

Hope you enjoy this little hair tutorial. If you're interested in more tutorials like this let me know and Ill make something happen :)