Last week I started my Blog Better series and I was so encouraged by all the positive feedback. I talked about how to find your focus blogging and this week I wanted to share some easy tricks that have helped me stay organized. I am in no way and expert when it comes to blogging, but these are some tools that I have used and found have helped me stay focused and less stressed (which is always a good thing! )


This may seem like a no brainer when it comes to blogging but I never realized the importance of planning ahead. I used to write my posts more out of impulse or because I hadn't written in a while. This left me with a lot of disorganized posts and honestly an overwhelmed self. So I knew I needed to get organized somehow. 

My tips: 

- Get a Planner:

 Help yourself stay organized by getting a planner. There are so many great blog focused planners out there but I decided to make my own planner. I guess I like the flexibility of being able to figure out what layouts work for me (here is a great blog focused planner)

- Plan days for your posts:

Right now I try to always post on Monday, Wednesday & Friday. (give yourself grace if you miss a day or add a few posts to your normal week it's ok) Having designated days help your readers with consistency and keeps them coming back. 

- Regular Topics:

If you have certain topics that you are writing about regularly be consistent on what days you are posting. I end my weeks with my "Ramblings" posts, because I like to take Fridays and talk about whatever is on my heart. 


- Once you get your planner or list (if you're a list maker) plan out your posts. I try to always have an idea of what topics I will be writing about at least a week in advance. 

- After you have your post topics figured out breakdown what you need to do to complete your post. In my planner I have made a "To-Do" spot where I make check boxes for each post. For example I have a check box for taking pictures, writing the post, editing the post, and scheduling social media and when the post goes live. 


If you haven't begun scheduling your posts or social media than I


recommend you start. This was a life changer for me. I remember looking at some of my favorite bloggers and wondered how they did it all (Oak & Oats has a great article on this). Scheduling, was my answer. It gave me freedom to go on vacation while still being consistent with when I have posts go out.

Did you know that on Blogger you can schedule your posts to go live on specific days and times? You can also do this on Facebook or use a site like Buffer to schedule all social media. Scheduling posts and shout outs has given me so much freedom. I try to take one or two days to work on all my posts, pictures and schedule everything. 


Remember these are are all tools, some weeks things will not go according to plan. Give yourself grace to learn, grow and figure out what works for you. Hope these tools help! 

What things have you found help you stay organized? 

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