A Simple Skincare Routine

When evening rolls around, I cant wait to wash the day off my face. I try to keep my beauty routine as simple as possible, my goal is to look put together without an hour of fuss. This beauty philosophy is also applied to my skincare routine, I don't want to spend a lot of time getting ready for bed each night. I like to think that my time is precious and when I use a product I also want to know that it is helping to take care of my skin. 

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(I received #SimpleSkincare complimentary for testing purposes. All thoughts & opinions are my own.)

I have tried many different make up removers and I have found that my skin is really sensitive to scents and chemicals. I find this especially true when it comes to eye make-up removers. I usually stick to using coconut oil to help remove any mascara that didn't come off with my cleanser, however even that can irritate my eyes sometimes. So when I decided to give Simple's dual effect eye make-up remover a try I was honestly really hesitant.

Kendra Castillo: A Simple Beauty Routine
Kendra Castillo: A Simple Beauty Routine
Kendra Castillo: A Simple Beauty Routine

I automatically assumed that it would irritate my eyes just like any other brand I have tried in the past. Along with me having to rub my eyes a hundred times to get half of my eye make-up off. Boy was I pleasantly surprised! 

I honestly only swiped my eye maybe 3 times and all of my eye make-up was removed! My eyes weren't left raw from me trying to get all the make-up off so I don't wake up with raccoon eyes the next morning. 


The make-up removing wipes were also fantastic. I have tried quite a few different make-up removing wipes and to me they all kinda seem the same. Some have stronger scents, or more texture to help wipe your make-up away. 

And for me they always left me a little worried that all my make-up was actually off. Some of them would actually leave a little film on my skin afterwards, which would just leave my skin feeling irritated. These facial wipes were the exception. When I received them in the mail I was very excited because they said that they wouldn't irritate my skin and they would remove all of my make-up easily and like I said before I love simple and easy! 

I have already gone through almost the entire package of facial wipes and I have had no problems with my skin and after using them I feel like all of my make-up is removed without one ounce of any residual chemicals on my skin. Win Win! 

Kendra Castillo: A Simple Beauty Routine
Kendra Castillo: A Simple Beauty Routine

So If you were to ask me if I would recommend these products... my answer would be a big fat Yes. I was very pleased with these products and how they actually did what they said they would. Also, it should be noted that these photos are accurately showing all the make-up that was removed. I didn't add anything to help aid these photos. I simply did my simple make-up routine like usual and then used these products to remove them!  

Have you ever tried these products? If so I would love to hear your experience in the comments below.