5 Black and White Home Decorating Ideas You Should Try

5 Black and White Home Decorating Ideas You Should Try!

Monochromatic themed home décor ideas can get a bit tricky as the choices are unlimited. However, the exact allocation of these colors that can further boast up the beauty of your home requires some extra homework.

No matter whether you are inspired from the traditional 1960s home décor trends or want to shift more towards the minimal approach of the 90s; black and white or monochrome artwork and home décor ideas have never lost its appeal and are still considered to be a very modern form of home decorations.

How you should go about decorating your home with black and white samples so that it should give a classy look? Check out these 5 amazing ideas today!

1.   Bedroom Walls: When it comes to decorating your bedroom; there are few aspects you should keep in sight before proceeding with purchasing black and white decorative items. Firstly, you got to look around for friendly wall paints in monochromatic themes that look appealing to the eyes.

Black & white Bedroom walls

Generally, dark shades of black are not encouraged for wall paints but at the same time if you go for light grey colored wall paints or related shades of grey; you will be amazed to see the results.

2.   Guest Bedroom: How good a guest bedroom will look when it will be decorated with a vintage styled black and white theme? Since your guest bedroom is a place which is occasionally used; you got to decorate it with a monochromatic theme blended with contrasting colors of your choice.

Black & White guest bedroom

Moreover, you can also add black and white cushion sets made of velvet to enhance the beddings as well.

3.   Beddings: Believe it or not! But black and white beddings look absolutely gorgeous and give an extra edge to the overall aesthetics of your bedroom.

5 Black and White Home Decorating Ideas You Should Try

Not only you can go for black and white shades of bed spreads but also you can buy queen bed sets including the blankets and comforters with contrasting shades of grey and off white.

4.     Flooring: You must be wondering how you can decorate the flooring of your home with the themes of black and white. Will it look attractive? Here’s the good news! Black and white flooring is what the home décor experts strongly recommend.

Not only black and white marble tiles are preferred choice for the bathrooms but also you can get them inducted in the kitchen as flooring or as cabinets as well.

5.   Curtains: Curtains give your rooms that extra edge of beauty and style that speak volumes about the creative side of yours. Added with the blend of fabrics including silk, nettings or simple cotton; you can apply various shades of black and white as well as grey in the curtains of your choice.

5 black and white home decorating ideas to try

For living rooms; black and white thick fabricated curtains are preferred whereas for bedrooms; silk fabricated monochromatic shades are very popular. So, go ahead and buy the ones you want today!

Author Bio: This post is written by Julie Austin. She loves traveling, home decorating and hanging out with her friends. She regularly blogs at http://mybedcomforter.com/