I wanted to formally introduce this new space. If you have followed my blog or art journey you may have noticed that things have been quiet for a bit. There is a reason for all the silence, it's not because I dislike you. It's really the opposite. 


Over the past few months I've  been wrestling with this inner struggle that something just wasn't quite right. It was sort of like how I can stage a room, but still feel like something is still a little "off." However, with an addition of a plant or the turning of a frame everything feels like it has fallen into place. That is how I felt when I looked at my blog or my website. I had questions about the direction I was going or the voice I was expressing and when I reflected back I realized something wasn't in place. 

I was in need of a blank canvas. 

I had too many things in play and not one voice of vision for who I am and what I am creating. At the start of the year I knew I needed to simplify, this impacted not only areas in my personal life, but my blog and creative business. I wanted a single place that I could share life and all my creative endeavors. From my artwork to my interior design business to the mess I like to make in the kitchen.  All of these things are a part of who I am and in the end it hit me like a ton of bricks, "why don't I create a singular place to express all of these areas." 

It seemed so simple and freeing. 

So here I am, starting fresh. I am excited and a little nervous, but I hope you will feel free to explore this journey with me. Ask me anything, share life with me and I can't wait to get to know you better.