Being a full time student my urges to redecorate have had to be put on hold. So I was thinking of some fun and quick ways to change the mood of my room. I decided to add some lights that I had from last Christmas. I love the look and having accent lights rather than overhead is kinda my thing, so I was pretty excited to curl up and read a book or watch a move in my cozy little room. 

To hang my lights I used sewing pins and gently hammered them into the ceiling. 

Then I used pliers to gently bend the pins around the lights to secure them to the ceiling. I created a loose zig zag pattern across the head of our bed. Marcus said it kinda feels like a dorm room to him, but hey we are finishing up our last years of school so we might as well live it up... right... :) 

Hope you all had a better Monday than me. Mine was filled with spilled coffee and many other forgetful moments. Hoping for better luck tomorrow.