Fall decorating

Fall is here and the weather is proof of that here in Bozeman, we have had windy mornings, leaves all around... and of course a little snow just to remind us that we are never in control. 

Anyway, I jumped on the fact that there are beautiful leaves all on the ground and I wanted to find a creative way to use them to decorate this year.

Being that we live in a limited space and the fact that I hate clutter, I always have to be creative when doing any sort of seasonal decorating. For me it's more of reusing things that I already have. 

Most of my wall art are all paintings that I have done myself, everything else are pictures of family and friends. What can I say, I love to be surrounded by the faces I love. For this Fall I decided to take out most of the family pictures that were around the house (and find another condensed way to display them). I then filled the frames with the beautiful leaves that I had collected. It was so easy, simply use a simple piece of paper and collage  your leaves in a design you like, then lay the glas on top. TaDa you have fun Fall art for no money at all! My kind of decorating. 

I also filled some little jars I had with tea candles and surrounded them with popcorn kernels for other little touches of the season.