Painting Session with Kendra

Painting Session with Kendra


Let's Paint together.... 

You're invited to spend some time painting along side me. We will start with the basics and in the end of our session you will leave with your very own master piece. 

The goal during these times is to help you create & discover your own unique painting style. I'll be there the entire time helping guide you. This painting session includes a 16 x 20 canvas and painting supplies needed to complete your masterpeice. (Watercolor options available if you prefer)

Topics we will cover:
color mixing and combining
under painting and over painting
brush strokes & knife techniques well as any other questions or topics that arise.  

If this sounds exciting to you, just purchase this listing and we'll work out a time to meet via email. (Painting Sessions usually last 2-3 hours)

** have a group that might be interested, no problem! The more the merrier! 

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