"WINDOW GAZING" 8x10 Acrylic Painting - Framed

"WINDOW GAZING" 8x10 Acrylic Painting - Framed


"Window Gazing" 

This acrylic painting is a part of the "Taking On The Sun" collection. This series of paintings were evoked from my memories and day-to-day observations of sunlight. The way it dances between the trees or hovers over the ocean before it sets. The way it catches along the clouds and in an instant changes into something different, something magical.

This painting will bring light and love into any room or home. 



  • Acrylic
  • Dimensions: 8x10 inches
  • Painted on Canvas
  • Signed by the artist, Kendra Castillo
  • Framed and ready hang in your home
  • The utmost care goes into packaging this special piece just for you! 


*Not all monitors are created equal. Therefore take note that colors may vary slightly. I do my best to make sure that the colors are true to the original paintings. 

If you have any questions or concerns please feel free to contact me at hello@kendracastillo.com or Here.

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